For a better future 100% sustaible


With our hearts tied up to this land and opening new routes to new horizons and dreams, we have created a spitting image of the landscape of Lanzarote which can be seen in all the hotel facilities.

After 35 years of history in Hospitality and with lots of humility, big effort and sacrifice, we have managed to achieve being a referral on this magic island of Lanzarote.


Our architectural design aims to provide our Guests with a proper atmosphere where they could feel comfortable and recharged without damaging the environment

La isla y el mar Hotel Boutique follows the Biosphere Reserve declaration scheme, which pleads to renew existing buildings painted in white, with closed spaces, anthropic and keeping the interior features to allow the Guests enjoy of an intimate privacy. However, the main common areas have been projected with an architecture of open spaces, where our guests interact with the landscape as they move, being part of it.

We have taken care of everything with special detail. As an example, our corridors, have been situated north from the buildings and oriented in such way that make them cosy and shelter in winter. Also, they are meandering to protect them from the wind. Our buildings have a natural warming isolation which has been managed by the rock wool material as a passive measure and with big resistance to noise transmission.

We are in front of a dynamic architecture where the roofs and walls are discontinuous, the rocks are predominant elements of the landscape, the reflections of the complementary materials make you feel part of the environment, placing you and displacing you in a magical way among landscaping elements.

The complexity that arises from our architecture has an aesthetic continuity which uses the sky and the sea as infinite and perpetual elements, adding the natural rock or volcanic stone as the main character of different spaces creating different atmospheres.

On the island of Lanzarote, the rivers of rocks when they meet the ocean create incredible landscapes, sometimes encountering two powers, others they are joints of encountering´s forming a single reality. This meeting landscape has been the sample to create the project of La isla y el mar, Hotel Boutique.

La isla y el mar is the first hotel internationally certified "Biosphere-Smart" which means that it has an efficient and sustainable policy preserving the environment in a technological way.

The hotel counts with the best available technological tools and suitable to be able to lead a cost efficient management of the water resources. As well as using best part of biodegradable cleaning products.

La Isla y el mar Hotel Boutique, uses also geothermal energy. During the construction of the hotel, a well of 80 meters was drilled to take out the sea water from the sea and carry it out underground through special pipes along the corridors of the hotel to every room for the use of the air conditioning system. With regards to the pool water heating, the boiler is heated through the solar panels.

In terms of waste management, our mission is to raise awareness among our guests, employees and partners about the good practices to minimize and reduce the waste and C02 emission to the atmosphere and have a correct waste management in order to preserve the environment.

We would like all our Guests to be taken part of our recycling system and therefore we have placed recycle bins in the leaving room of all our Suites where you will be able to deposit the waste according to its type.

With regards to dangerous waste, our staff has been duly trained and has the necessary experience to manage the residues within our internal recycling point.

Our hotel, has decided to join the Biosphere-Smart Project whose only target is its engagement with innovation, technological modernization and the adoption of the recommended guidelines of the Smart Hotel Certificate.

The Smart Hotel certificate, confirms that La isla y el mar, hotel Boutique can guarantee our Guests employees and partners safety within the hotels facilities. And we also fulfill the current Data Protection Low Policy (LOPD).

The WiFi is free in all Suites and common areas of the hotel. The web page has a daily update of contents and legal requirements, as well as count with a safe payment system, SSL certificate and a trustmark and warranty.

We have an "A" Label energy certificate, being the first hotel certified in the Canaries, where we can confirm that our annual consumption indicators are 4 times less than a non-sustainable hotel of our same characteristics.

We also count on a state of the art air conditioning system with an Smart and centralized control, which allows us to optimize the cost and energy efficiency.

La Isla y el mar Hotel Boutique has as well an intelligent control lighting system, which allows to control the leds in a domotic way or home automation system and dimmers to control the intensity of the lights.


La isla y el mar Hotel Boutique is part of Martínez Hermanos Group, a Company wich parallel to its economic activity carries out a Social Corporate work since 2013 through the Martínez Hermanos Foundation, and whose main objectives are the promotion of a fair social environment in order to improve people´s quality of life and the preservation of the environment, as well as to encourage changes in attitude and values that lead to a bigger engagement from everyone of us in order to improve the quality of life in our society.

The key activity fields of our Foundation to promote the social development are: Social Assistance Areas, Health, Education, Employment, Catering and Hospitality and Furnishing.

Some of the social campaigns carried out until now have been the donation of food to different schools and orphanages, the transmition of educational and nutritional values through sports, the thousand Smiles Project, the Barraquer Project, The Route of Light Campaign and The Solidarity Trainers Shoes among others.

La isla y el mar Hotel Boutique is a member of the Biosphere Reserve Tourist Product Club. It is an initiative that pretends to establish a method to create a differentiated touristic product based on its location in a different selection of territories, The Spanish Biosphere Reserve Network, where it is possible to enjoy and get to know the Natural Heritage modeled by human activities and the singular samples of ethnographic Heritage.

In addition, La isla y el mar Hotel Boutique has signed the "Responsible Traveler´s Manifesto", which has been made by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR) and which implies to assume our engagement to preserve the environment as well as the local development. At the same time, we have joined and signed the "Responsible Touristic Companies Manifesto" sharing our engagement and getting everyone involved.